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Delivery Arrangements

Delivery arrangements and their costs will be priced separately and noted on the invoice. Items will be unboxed and placed in an area as directed. Delivery personnel are prohibited by insurance regulations to attach to or remove appliances from utilities. Packing materials will remain at the customer's home.

We do not ship a product beyond our delivery area using any alternate method of transportation.

Any special delivery arrangements must be specified on the Nate Lion's Appliance World invoice at the point of sale.

Appliances to be removed must be disconnected from utilities prior to delivery day.


A price quotation is valid for ten days from quotation date. Your deposit of 30% of the total invoice will lock in the quoted price for 120 days. The balance due will be payable when you schedule the delivery day. Payment in full is required for pieces picked up at Nate Lion's Appliance World. Payment methods include Cash, Visa, Discover, MasterCard or bank check.

Product Specification Sheets, Warranty Information

Product specification sheets and warranty information are available from the manufacturer's website.


Rebates are determined based on the delivery date of the appliances. It is the responsibility of the customer to inquire as to rebate availability when scheduling the delivery day. All rebate forms must be forwarded to the rebate center according to the instructions on each of the forms. Care must be taken to assure that rebate claims are received at the rebate center by the due date.